Cube Skimmer 500

Protein skimmer for saltwater aquarine up to 500 l (Item No.:82520)

Product variants

Cube Skimmer 900

Protein skimmer for saltwater aquarine up to 900 l

Cube Skimmer 1.500

Protein skimmer for saltwater aquarine up to 1...

Product details

Protein skimmers are among the most important technical devices in a modern marine water aquarium. Protein skimmers have the important task of removing organic waste substances in the form of uric acids, peptides and protein compounds from the water cycle before they are converted into inorganic substances (e.g. nitrogen) by biological degradation processes. Marine water aquaria are constantly accumulating protein compounds as a result of feed and organic waste products as well as dead algae and animals. As the majority of these compounds are broken down by nitrification, which is a bit faster than denitrification, high levels of pollution lead to a accumulation of nitrate. The protein skimmer removes the proteins (protein compounds) from the water before they can be broken down by bacteria. As a result, nitrate build-up is reduced and the aquarium water is continuously cleared and purified. Protein skimming is a process in which the electrically charged protein molecules adhere to air bubbles and can be removed as foam (in the foam cup as a brown liquid, called adsorbate). Since the protein skimmer not only removes organic waste from the aquarium, but also substances that are important for corals, such as amino acids, the protein skimmer should be adapted to the aquarium with regard to its performance and not be oversized.

Our Cube Skimmers are ultra-compact cone protein skimmers with outstanding performance. Cube skimmers work on the counterflow principle. This design is characterised by air and water flowing in opposite directions and is the most efficient way of skimming. The modification of the skimmer pumps (disperser principle through a needle wheel) creates an extremely fine bubbled air and water mixture, which results in extremely efficient skimmer performance. The conical shape of the Cube Skimmer, combined with the effective turbulence-reducing air distribution chamber, produces an exceptional fine foam pattern with high flotate formation. All Cube Skimmers have an adjustment screw for fine adjustments that allows the water level in the skimmer chamber to be set precisely, thereby allowing it to be perfectly adjusted to the water level in the filtration tank or filter sump. The skimmer pumps of the Cube Skimmer models CS500 / 900 / 1,500 can be regulated electronically in steps and can therefore be adapted to changes in the load situation in the aquarium at any time. The brushless, 6-pole synchronous motors used here are characterised by extremely quiet operation and can be regulated via the controller by different power level settings. The use of ceramic shafts and ceramic bearings increases the service life of the pumps and motors, ensures extremely smooth operation, and prevents rust formation caused by salt water.

Cube Skimmers are not suitable for external connection to a filtration tank / filter sump. The Cube Skimmer can be placed directly in the filtration tank / filter sump. DC controlled Cube Skimmers are available in three different versions.

Technical specifications for Cube Skimmers CS500

Model Pump Air intake Performance Power supply unit AC100–240 V 50/60 Hz Skimmer Diameter Total height Size Base plate Water level Aquarium size
Cube Skimmer 500 Skimmer Pumpe CS500 500 l/h 10 W 24 V / 1,5 A 130 mm 49 cm 18.5 x 14.3 cm 15.0 - 20.0 cm 200 - 500 l

Cube Skimmer performance curves

Level Air intake volume Waterthroughput
P1 0 40 l/h
P2 20 l/h 80 l/h
P3 60 l/h 120 l/h
P4 100 l/h 180 l/h
P5 150 l/h 240 l/h
P6 200 l/h 290 l/h
P7 280 l/h 340 l/h
P8 350 l/h 420 l/h
P9 420 l/h 500 l/h
P10 500 l/h 600 l/h

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