(Item No.:81612)

Product details

For exact density measurement. With salinity-temperature conversion table integrated in the glass enclosure. Measuring range: 1.021 to 1.026.

  • Max. Maximum deviation: +/- 0.0002 g/ml
  • Resolution: 0.0001
  • Length: approx. 350 mm
  • Measuring range 1.021 - 1.026
  • Resolution: 0.0001
  • Max. Maximum deviation: 0.0002
  • Temp: 25° C / 77° F
  • Table: Density-Salinity-Temperature

The DuplaMarin precision hydrometer is currently one of the most accurate hydrometers on the market with a max. maximum deviation of 0.0002 g.
Precision handwork "made in Germany". The DuplaMarin precision hydrometer sets new standards in terms of accuracy and readability. In addition, a density-salinity-temperature table incorporated in the glass cylinder enables the exact determination of the salt concentration. The smaller the measuring range and the finer the resolution of a hydrometer, the more accurately a density measurement can be carried out. The measuring range of the DuplaMarin precision hydrometer is between 1.021 - 1.026 with a resolution of 0.0001. The precision hydrometer is suitable for scientific purposes. The DuplaMarin glass cylinder simplifies the reading of the hydrometer.

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