History of Dohse Aquaristik GmbH & Co. KG

What does "Dohse" stand for?

Dohse stands for a reliable and innovative partner with a wide reliable and innovative partner with a wide-ranging and sensible assortment in aquaristics and terraristics. aquaristics and terraristics.

Dohse continues to stand for innovation and tradition, but also for the ability to act quickly, beneficial product ranges and niche products.

What makes Dohse special?

We have many products that a hobby aquarist needs. We do not concentrate on big sellers and fast-moving items, but also offer specialities to the specialities to the consumer and the retailer. Dohse is a family-run company company in the 3rd generation. Dohse has not only written tradition, but also history in aquaristics. history in aquaristics and can look back on 110 years of experience.

Development "Dohse", history, USP...

Dohse Aquaristik developed from a hobby of the founder Hans Dohse into a modern company with 45 employees and about 1,300 products.

In addition to one of the first flake foods in the industry, the founder also developed medicines and made it possible to breed Artemia for the first time.

This was not only of interest to the company, but also to the industry as a whole. industry, because from that moment on, aquarists could breed their own live food for their could breed their own. After many more inventions and a growing range of products, Vi Viktor Pinders, the son-in-law, joined the company and took over the commercial management. commercial management of Dohse Aquaristik and Hans Dohse was able to focus all his attention on his Hans Dohse was able to focus all his attention on his inventive creativity. After several groundbreaking developments (e.g. Sanoplant, the first CO2 fertilizer in tablet form and the Aqualit substrate), the move to the nearby "Bonn-Lengsdorf" district had become inevitable. "Bonn-Lengsdorf" district had become inevitable. The company had been based there for almost 30 years until a further move became unavoidable due to the continuous expansion. became inevitable. In 1996, the present managing partner, Axel Pinders, joined the company after studying studies and a stay abroad. The range of products was then to expand. In 1998, the company headquarters were moved to Grafschaft-Gelsdorf in Rhineland-Palatinate. county. There, on a 10,000m2 plot of land, new offices and a new hall were new hall. The property was enlarged 2 more times and 2 more halls were built and halls have been built and occupied. Today, a total of 4,500 sqm of hall space is available. in which almost 1,300 finished products and 4,000 production parts are stored. Due to Due to the many product innovations, a further hall with 1,000 sqm was put into operation at the beginning of 2010. was put into operation.

The product range has been expanded since 1998 to include terrariums. This assortment is continuously being expanded and to date includes approx. 200 products from trade and the hobby of terraristics. The range includes all product areas that are needed for species-appropriate animal husbandry.

In 2004, Dohse Aquaristik took over DUPLA, the former market leader for plant care in aquariums. for plant care in aquariums. The Dupla range was streamlined and supplemented with useful products. This brand covers a high-quality product range and was therefore an excellent fit with Dohse's portfolio. perfectly into the portfolio of Dohse Aquaristik. In 2007, a range of seawater products was developed and seawater range was developed under the DuplaMarin brand and presented in its entirety at Interzoo 2008. The DuplaMarin range has become an indispensable part of the aquarium scene after 8 years and contains products that are products that cannot be found anywhere else. Universities, zoos and large aquariums also like to use the products with pleasure.

Betriebsfest-Mitarbeiter.jpg In 2009, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary. The team around the HOBBY Aquaristik, HOBBY Terraristik, Dupla and DuplaMarin brands is constantly growing.

Since 2011, the wife of the managing director, Annette Pinders, Annette Pinders, the wife of the managing director, has also been working for the company. development of the company.

What is special about Dohse Aquaristik?

  • We are a competent and long-standing partner in aquaristics and terraristics
  • We have ranges that everyone needs, but no ranges that no one needs
  • We are innovative
  • We are quick in our decisions
  • We are flexible
  • We have a good sales force
  • We are true to our word
  • Our company has been family-run for over 60 years and has a total of more than 110 years of market experience
  • .

What does Dohse stand for in the future?

  • Innovation
  • Sensible and sustainable product range
  • Reliability
  • Success
  • Flexibility, but also continuity
  • Competence
  • Modernity
  • Customer orientation

What are the internal goals?

  • We want employees who think for themselves
  • To treat each other with respect, kindness and honesty
  • Staff should be knowledgeable enough about the work of their colleagues to enable smooth substitution
  • Contact with our customers should be characterised by commitment and friendliness
  • Our customers should have the feeling that they are the centre of attention
  • The work processes must be checked for functionality, efficiency and safety
  • We want to achieve desirability for our products
  • Significantly increase productivity through the use of modern technology
  • A high motivation of the employees as well as a strong identification with the company

What are the external goals?

  • In addition to our expertise in aquaristics and terraristics, we would also like to be available as a competent partner in the other pet sectors
  • To be represented in every pet shop
  • To be one of the top 5 companies nationally and internationally in aquaristics and terraristics