Dosing Pump P4 Smart

(Item No.:81566)

Product details

Intelligent dosing pump with level indicator. The individual solution levels can be checked at any time. Automatic LED signal will indicate when a solution has run out, making it impossible to forget to refill the individual solutions and reliably ensuring an adequate supply of important trace elements in the marine water aquarium.

  • 4-channel dosing pump with integrated control unit
  • solution level indicator
  • automatic alert when a solution has run out
  • minimum fluid quantity 1 ml
  • recommended maximum fluid quantity 9,999 ml per day
  • including calibration function on each individual pump
  • adjustable feed time
  • facility for setting 1 - 24 feed units per day
  • supplied with 12 V adapter

Technical data:
Power input 230 V, 50 Hz
Power output 12 V

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