Silent Power Pump SPP 12.000

(Item No.:82150)

Product details

The Silent Power feed and flow pumps can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquaria. The brushless, 6-pole synchronous motors are characterised by extremely quiet operation and can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements of the aquarium by means of different power levels. If the pump is to be used as a flow pump, a wave simulation can also be programmed. All Silent Power Pumps have a shutdown function to protect the pumps from running dry or getting clogged by foreign objects. The use of ceramic shafts increases the service life of the pumps and motors and prevents rust formation caused by salt water. The Silent Power Pumps are available in six different sizes with a capacity of 1,200 L/h - 12,000 L/h.


  • highly efficient pump design
  • adjustable power levels
  • programmable wave simulation
  • durable ceramic shaft on the impeller
  • 6-pole synchronous motor for extremely quiet operation
  • 10 min. switch-off function for feeding pause
  • includes various hose connections

Caution: The feed pumps can only be operated under water, e.g. in the filter sump or in the aquarium as flow pumps. A dry connection or dry installation of the pumps is not possible.

The Silent Power Pumps are available in 6 different versions.

_Technical data:
Silent Power Pump SPP 12,000:
Output: 12,000 l/h
Power consumption: 35 - 88 W
Maximum pump height: 5.6 m
Electronically adjustable: 20 power levels + wave simulation programmable
Includes hose connections for: 12 / 16 mm, 16 / 22 mm and 19 / 27 mm hoses
Size: W 26.5 cm x H 15 cm x D 16.5 cm
Ballast: DC 24 V / 6.0 A

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