Silent Waver SW 6.000

(Item No.:82020)

Product details

The Silent Wavers are compact and powerful flow pumps which can be individually adjusted to a saltwater aquarium by means of different flow programs. The high quality 6-pole motors controlled by a wave controller guarantee smooth running and long life. The innovative Silent Wavers are equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system, a pause function for feeding and a wireless link, with which up to six Silent Wavers can be controlled simultaneously according to the master / slave method. With the individual flow programs, the Silent Waver can be optimally adapted to the flow requirements of the aquarium using the clock frequency and the speed controller.

You can choose between six different flow programs:

  • short flow pulse
  • long flow pulse
  • tidal flow interval
  • irregular flow interval
  • constant flow
  • regularly changing flow pulse

The Silent Waver flow pumps are available in three different versions:

  • Silent Waver SW 6,000
  • Silent Waver SW 9,000
  • Silent Waver SW 18,000

Technical data for Silent Waver SW 6,000:
Output: 6,000 l/h
Wireless link: up to 6 Silent Wavers can be wirelessly synchronised
Power consumption: 20 W
Volts: DC 24 V
Glass thickness for magnetic holder: up to 12 mm
Dimensions: W 7.6 cm x H 4.7 cm x D 5.4 cm

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