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Magnesium is involved in many biological functions and is embedded with calcium in the skeletons of several corals, many invertebrates, coralline red algae and higher algae. Power Magnesium supplements the magnesium consumption in the reef aquarium and helps to keep the main elements' concentration ratio in the correct ion balance.

  • increases the biologically important magnesium content
  • assists the natural concentration ratios of the main elements
  • promotes biochemical processes
  • necessary for the growth of coralline algae
  • vital for healthy coral growth
  • includes dosing spoon
  • instructions for use are enclosed

The magnesium content in natural seawater is approx.1,300 - 1350 mg/l and is thus about three times higher than the calcium content. Magnesium is a mineral that is chemically similar to calcium, but is less consumed in a marine aquarium. Among the biggest consumers of magnesium are the calcareous algae, into whose calcite structure magnesium is "incorporated". Some soft corals and gorgonians (e.g. fan corals) are also magnesium consumers. Magnesium also has the important function of a calcification inhibitor in aquaria. Calcium carbonate solubility is increased by preventing the formation of calcite.

Simply put: Magnesium keeps calcium in solution longer. Since calcium and magnesium are consumed in every marine aquarium, magnesium must be added to restore the correct concentration ratio between the earth alkali metals. Power Magnesium and Magnesium liquid also prevent magnesium deficiency. One dosage spoon of Power Magnesium increases the magnesium content by 10 mg/100 l. Magnesium liquid is suitable for dosing pumps. 10 ml increases the magnesium content by 5 mg/100 l.

But be careful: A too high magnesium content of 1,500 mg or 1,600 mg can harm the animals in the long run. When adding minerals to a saltwater aquarium, always keep in mind: A lot does not always help a lot and can also have the opposite effect.

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