Biopellets NP

450 ml / 300 g (Item No.:81516)

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Biopellets NP

1.000 ml / 675 g

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Biopellets NP is an easy to use filter material for reducing the nitrate and phosphate content in the marine water aquarium. The Biopellets NP consists to 100 % of biologically degradable polymers with the additional benefit of providing a surface area and nutrient source for nitrate-removing bacteria. As they grow, the bacteria use the Biopellets NP as an organic source of carbon (energy source) and the phosphate and nitrate in the aquarium water as a source of nitrogen and phosphor. The waste products nitrate and phosphate are converted into microbial biomass and then removed from the aquarium by skimming or as an additional feed source (bacterial plankton) by filter feeders, mussels, sponges and corals. Incl. spoon.

Application: Biopellets NP have been developed for application in a pellet or fluidised bed reactor for marine water aquaria. Vigorous skimming of the aquarium water is necessary for gaseous exchange and extracting nutrients. Initially, 50 ml Biopellets NP should be used for every 100 litres of aquarium water. This quantity can be doubled every 4 - 5 weeks if required. A maximum of 200 ml Biopellets NP should be used for every 100 litres of aquarium water.

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