Basic Ocean Sea Salt

20 kg (Item No.:81429)

Product details

Quality marine salt for tropical reef aquaria. Its composition matches that of natural marine water. Enriched with over 70 trace elements, Basic Ocean Sea Salt is ideal for the successful care of soft and stony corals. The salt is free of chelates and nitrates and dissolves to a crystal clear liquid for immediate use. The ideal salt for a successful start to marine fishkeeping.

Marine salt for tropical reef aquaria

  • contains over 70 trace elements
  • suitable for stony corals, SPS and LPS
  • promotes the growth of corals.
  • when dissolved, ready for immediate use
  • free of chelates and nitrates
  • high solubility, immediately ready for use

At a density of 1.023 (25┬░ C), the following water values are obtained when using osmosis water:

Basic Ocean Sea Salt
Salinity ppt 33 34 35 36
Ca mg 396 408 420 432
Mg mg 1245 1280 1320 1360
KH / Alkalinity 7 7,2 7,5 7,8
K mg 364 378 390 400

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