Premium Coral Salt Amino Active

3 kg (Item No.:81435)

Product details

Premium Coral Salt Amino Active contains a special amino acid concentration which matches the concentration occurring in natural marine water. The Amino Active Formula supports important biological processes as the protein genic amino acids in the formula play a significant role in the formation of peptides and proteins and in coral growth and regeneration. The optimised values of the calcium and magnesium concentration offer perfect conditions, especially for SPS and LPS corals, for healthy and accelerated growth in modern reef aquaria. Based on the latest scientific findings, Premium Coral Salt Amino Active is produced from pharmaceutically pure salts using the most meticulous manufacturing methods without the addition of chelates. Due to the high bioavailability of the individual trace elements, the living conditions of the individual organisms are optimised in a sustainable manner and guarantee perfect coral growth and healthy fish.

Premium marine salt for accelerated coral growth of SPS / LPS corals

  • Amino Active Formula as an indispensable and essential source of amino acids for corals and filter feeders
  • Amino Active Formula promotes the growth and regeneration processes of the corals
  • improves polyp appearance of all corals
  • optimised values of minerals calcium and magnesium for accelerated growth rates and perfect coral growth of SPS and LPS
  • optimises water management conditions for the most sensitive species
  • outstanding solubility
  • When dissolved, immediately ready for use
  • free of chelates and nitrates
  • with over 70 trace elements for immediate biological use
  • manufactured under strictly controlled conditions from high-quality raw materials

Instruction for use With 37 g Dupla Marin Amino Active per litre of water, you will achieve a salinity of 32 to 35 %. The salt water can be used as soon as the salt is completely dissolved.

DuplaMarin Amino Active natural seawater
weighing 37 g/l Magnesium (Mg) mg/l 1340 1200-1450
salinity 32,3 psu Calcium (CA) mg/l 460 400-440
conductivity 49,3 mS/cm Kalium (K) mg/l 400 380-420
pH value 8,21 Strontium (Sr) µ/l 9,7 7-10
temperature 23,6 °C Bor (B) µ/l 4,7 3,8-5,5
carbonate hardness 8,8 dKH Lithium (Li) µ/l 169 150-350

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