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Siliphos is an effective phosphate and silicate remover based on iron hydroxide for marine and fresh water aquaria. The moist granulate has an extremely high bonding capacity and reliably solves phosphate and silicate related algae problems (thread and slime algae). Suitable for all filter models.

Siliphos is a fine-grained compound that has been successfully employed by industry and water suppliers, in fresh water and sewage treatment plants for several years. Its highly active chemical capacity for absorbing phosphates in large quantities makes it an ideal filter medium for aquaria. In aquaria phosphates develop from decayed organic matter and also as a result of excessive feeding, plant fertilizer or decorative material containing phosphates. Phosphates may also enter our aquarium by the addition of fresh tap water containing phosphates. Phosphates are an essential element of living organisms, but harmful in elevated concentrations. In marine water aquaria high phosphate levels inhibit the formation of lime by hard corals and calcareous algae. Due to the increased nutrient levels the zooxanthellae of zooxanthellate corals can proliferate to a degree that they cover the natural colour pigments of the corals. The corals turn brown. A further indication for high phosphate and silicate (silicic acid) levels is the growth of red or brown algae that often form a smeary coat on the aquarium decorations and threaten the life of various organisms. A PO4 level of more than 0.1 mg/l may not be tolerated in a modern coral reef aquarium. Siliphos is also used to bind undesirable silicates in sea water aquaria. In fresh water aquaria the maximum content should be around 0.3 mg/l. Elevated phosphate levels are often responsible for algae epidemics, poor plant growth and ailing fish. 180 ml for up to 720 l (at 0,5 mg PO4/l).

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