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250 g (Item No.:81375)

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Provides the necessary hydrogen carbonate to the corals, promotes the growth of hard corals and stabilises the pH of the water. Power KH+ dissolves readily and does not cloud.

  • increases the carbonate hardness (KH) / alkalinity
  • stabilises the pH value through greater buffering capacity
  • vital for all calcific organisms
  • assists calcification
  • includes dosing spoon
  • instructions for use are enclosed

The alkalinity or carbonate hardness (KH) is a measure of the buffer capacity of the water and is decisive for a stable pH value in the aquarium. The alkalinity or KH should be between KH 6 and KH 8°dH in a marine aquarium. In natural seawater, the alkalinity is approx. 7.0°dH. This value is stable in the sea due to the large water mass, but in the aquarium biochemical processes can have a great influence on the carbonate hardness and change it. Stony corals, mussels, soft corals and calcareous algae extract calcium and carbonate ions from the water during calcification and store calcium in the form of calcium carbonate. This reduces the Ca and KH values. Regular addition of Power KH+ or KH+ liquid stabilises the alkalinity and prevents the dangerous acidity drop. Due to the different number of consumers, each aquarium has its own needs. In some cases, a well growing aquarium can ''consume'' 1 KH per day. Therefore, the KH value must be checked at least once a week.

Power KH+ and KH+ liquid are easy and convenient to use, do not cloud and can be dosed directly into the aquarium. Power KH+: One dosage spoon increases the alkalinity (KH) of 100 l seawater by 4°dH. KH+ liquid: 30 ml increases the KH in 100 l seawater by 1°dH. Suitable for dosing pumps.

Background Carbonate hardness or alkalinity?

Carbonate hardness is an outdated term from drinking water analysis and is defined as part of the earth's alkali metals that can be precipitated by heating to form carbonates (scale). This is also where the term ''temporary hardness'' comes from. Due to the different composition of seawater and drinking water, however, there is neither temporary hardness nor carbonate hardness in seawater analysis, but only the term alkalinity. Alkalinity is therefore equivalent to the simplified notation KH.

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