Bio Nite

50 ml (Item No.:81360)

Product details

Bio Nite is a mixture of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria in one preparation. It improves the water quality and helps to strengthen the immune system of all aquarium inhabitants. Probiotic bacteria and yeasts have been shown to have a positive effect on animal health and welfare, particularly during breeding. The nitrifying bacteria convert harmful ammonia into harmless nitrate and the purple bacteria contained in it convert harmful hydrogen sulphide into harmless sulphur and sulphate. As the hydrogen sulphide is oxidised by anoxygenic photosynthesis, the bacteria turn purple, giving them their name. Bio Nite is odourless, prevents the reproduction of unwanted germs, and inhibits the growth of suspended bacteria. It thus shortens the break-in phase of a new aquarium enormously and helps to keep the nitrate content at the desired level when used regularly.

Benefits at a glance:

  • improves water quality
  • contains probiotic, nitrifying and purple bacteria
  • nitrifying bacteria ensure nitrification in the aquarium
  • purple bacteria keep the level of hydrogen sulphide low
  • strengthens the immune systems of all aquarium inhabitants
  • ideally suited for breeding fish and shrimps
    • odourless, easy to dose and has a long shelf life, even when opened

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