Easy Marin

250 ml (Item No.:81355)


Product details

Easy Marin is a 100 % natural water conditioner for sensitive coral reef aquaria, without chemical additives. Easy Marin is enriched with micronized aragonite (8µ) and numerous trace elements. Highly active clinoptilolites tie nitrogen, chlorine and pharmaceutical residues to a great extent and permanently. Subsequently they are being removed by fine filtration and protein skimming. This is how Easy Marin accomplishes crystal clear water and eliminates harmful substances. Sensitive corals react immediately after the addition by showing a considerably improved polyp pattern and a more distinct coloring. Natural micronized aragonite strengthens and supports the skeleton buildup of corals, especially of SPS.

Dosage: 10 ml / 100 l weekly
Important: Shake bottle approx. 20 seconds before use to ensure complete dissolving of all ingredients. After a short-term turbidity, the aquarium water becomes crystal-clear. Keep out of the reach of children.

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