KH+ liquid

250 ml (Item No.:81350)


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Effectively increases the carbonate hardness and stabilises the pH value in the salt water aquarium. Promotes the growth of all organisms that require calcium carbonate, such as stone corals, fan worms, mussels and various coralline red algae. Suitable for dosing pumps. Contains 5,000° dKH 1,000 mg K. The main elements hydrogen carbonates (HCO3), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) have a decisive impact on the water stability (ph-value, alkalinity / carbon hardness) in the reef aquarium. In the marine water aquarium the carbon hardness / alkalinity should be between CH 7 and CH 9 °dH and is decisive for the buffering capacity in marine water. KH+ liquid reliably increases the carbon hardness and buffers the pH value in the marine water aquarium. Carbonates are constantly consumed by lime-absorbing organisms such as hard corals, mussels, lime tube worms, various coralline red algae as well as through biogenic decalcification. High pH oscillations and an under-supply of all calcifying organisms are prevented by regular addition. Dosage: 20 ml increase the carbonate hardness / alkalinity by 1 °dKH / for every 100 l.

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